2020 Trends for Air Conditioner

Expert HVAC technicians and even workers should know about the newest trends when it comes to air conditioners so that they can properly do their jobs. However, clients must also be aware of what’s hit as of the moment so that they can be updated on which air conditioner may be the best for them. If you’re one of those consumers who want to know more about this, then make sure to read the list below: 

Improved air quality 

Most consumers would want to breathe in nice air within their homes. With the help of technology, indoor air quality can now be monitored using advanced systems. With this, you can also obtain reliable information from sensors in the house such as how much C02, dust, dirt, and debris is in the air. Also, these systems can help filtration systems to eliminate such pollutants that potentially pollute the indoor air quality. Once such pollutants are removed, people can enjoy nicer air all over their property instead of air that’s packed with unsolicited particles.? 

Geothermal solutions 

Geothermal cooling and heating have continuously become even more popular over the past few years. The need for energy efficiency is part of the reason why this happens now. However, geothermal solutions used for HVAC systems is a trendy topic right now as well. A lot of tax incentives are considering adopting such system types. Apart from this, HVAC systems with geothermal features can really be energy-efficient and are known to last for a long time.? 

Smart technology 

A lot of our devices that we utilize now involves HVAC appliances that have been taught to be smart and self-effective as well. Today’s air conditioning units can be connected to Wi-Fi, which has gotten even more popular because of its convenient option. With a smart air conditioner, you get to regulate your desired room temperature from your smart phones or devices. An expert HVAC technician can assist you in determining how you can infuse smart technology into your home when necessary. Being able to regulate the environment from different areas apart from your house is one of the features that several people are considering today. It’s all thanks to it’s a useful and convenient feature, which makes every client’s life easier.? 

Energy efficiency 

People nowadays are into saving money while being economically friendly at the same time. A lot of new AC options now intend to aim for both of these objectives. By becoming more energy-efficient, most people now save on their energy bills while comfortably living in their well-regulated room temperature. This is a major trend that’s been rising for a previous couple of years and will still grow even more.? 

Variable speeds and ductless options 

Most conventional HVAC systems have various operating speeds for their efficiency to work well. However, air conditioning units now have a new development known as a system’s variable speed option. With this addition, your HVAC system will be able to run more effectively and on point to meet your home’s heating and cooling requirements.? 

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