Tips to Prevent Mosquitoes from Being into Your Yard

Mosquitoes could be annoying displeasure that stops you from loving your time outside your yard. What’s worse is the fact that they could transmit hazardous diseases such as dengue, West Nile virus, and malaria. Mosquitoes could be found everywhere, however, there are many ways you can eliminate or minimize the number of mosquitoes within your place. Germantown Pest Control will help you to teach you about some precautious ways you can utilize for you to enjoy your lawn while the weather is cooperating. 

No standing water 

Standing water is a major problem that results in mosquitoes. These winged insects like damp and moist things and female mosquitoes typically lay their eggs in water. This means that even a tiny amount of water could be a perfect breeding area for them. Because of this, you should check your lawn for possible areas where it can gather and create standing water. The most usual problem spots are tarps, pots and planters, buckets and trash cans, kids’ toys, and gutters. If your yard contains a stagnant water fixture, such as a swimming pool or a birdbath, you should guarantee to change the water out at least once per week to clean and remove any potential eggs that have been laid. If your pool’s filter works and if it is chlorinated, mosquitoes won’t go to your pool. Hence, it won’t be an issue. But it is still reasonable to still switch the water out for some time. 

Natural plants 

If you want a natural way to prevent mosquito infestation, you can suit your lawn with some plants that provide repellent on their own. Your best option to keep away mosquitoes would be citronella plants, which is a source of fragrance utilized in lanterns and repellent candles. Also, catnip, marigolds, and rosemary have typically been utilized as mosquito repellents. Although their effectiveness has not been supported. The fragrance of these plants serve as a defense mechanism to drive away insects, hence, they will not instantly release their repellents. If you want to rouse their release of repellents, you might need to rustle the leaves so that they will feel threatened. This could be done before your next party or barbecue so your guests will not be bothered.  

Repellent lights 

Regardless if you select lanterns or candles, any light fixture with mosquito repellent would be an effective means of guaranteeing that the bugs will stay away as it gives some great mood lighting. One of the typical fragrances that’s mixed in these devices would be citronella. Moreover, candles that have geraniol in their wax offers an even more intense repellent. To make sufficient coverage all over your lawn, you should ensure to place your lanterns or candles strategically far enough far from each other. These devices might have restricted functionality, but, even if you want to utilize them during the day they won’t be as effective during windy season.  

Leave it to the experts                                       

If you’ve tried all of these tips and it still won’t work, you should contact an expert right away. If you are looking for the best ones, you should contact Allied Pest Control now.